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this is a group dedicated to Doctor Whooves, Derpy, Lyra, Octavia, Vinyl, and Bon-Bon with a little of the cutie mark crusaders and berry punch also oc's are excepted but please try not to do the mane six or the princesses
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Hello everypony, Midnight--Comet here, I just wanted to let you guys know that I created a closed pony species called Wynlars.
Wynlar pony species by Midnight--Comet

They are very tall and the males are especially very strong. They have two sets of wings, one pair being very big and the same color as their fur and this set of wings is used for flying quickly, and even used in battle, the other set of wings is quite a bit smaller, but they are very colorful and are used for attracting mates. Their tails are more like lizard tail with hair at the end that surrounds a colorful stone that is lodged in their tails. They are born with this stone, and it is their life-source, when they are infants, up to middle-age the stone is the brightest and most colorful. But as they grow older, the color becomes less saturated and bright, and when they pass away, the stone turns gray.

They are typically just pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies do not exist. But it is possible for one of them to be an alicorn, they're smaller set of wings are different, however, instead of them being feathery with colorful markings, the males have smaller dragonfly wings with their giant feathery ones, while female alicorns, have smaller butterfly wings with their giant ones. And like in the show, alicorns are typically royalty or just VERY rare.

I also have opened up a few customs for these if anyone is interested… c:

Also if I could get some help spreading the word of this species, that would would be greatly appreciated!!
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Hey guys I'm so sorry that I've kinda gotten off the grid I've just been so busy with stuff recently, especially because it's my senior year of High School and I have a lot presently on my mind. Fear not I'll be adding more favorites to the folders soon! Thank you all for watching and being so patient!
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Can I please get an invite? 
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Got your contributor invite, and I'm honored, but I have to decline for right now because I've reached my limit on how many groups I can own/contribute to.  I'll let you know if I can get one of them to knock me down to regular member status and you can resend the invitation, okay?
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